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Dr. Robert L. Domenick
Founder and CEO

Dr. Robert L. Domenick Dr. Robert L. Domenick is the founder and CEO of Next Generation Medical Systems, LLC. Robert was born two months prematurely in Manhattan, NY. Bob always had a love for fast things and began riding motorcycles at the age of 14 along with studying electronics and ham radio. Unfortunately, Bob had an accident while riding a street bike just prior to his 15th birthday leaving him paralyzed from the waist down due to a T12/L1 Spinal Cord Injury (“SCI”).

Robert’s family worked hard to get him an interdistrict transfer from LA city School district to Glendale City School district where they had a program that could accommodate handicap individuals in a normal classroom setting.

Robert went on to graduate from Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale and began studying chemistry at California State University at Fullerton, where he graduated with a B.S. in 1980. Robert subsequently entered a Ph.D. program in Chemistry at the University of Southern California in 1980 and graduated with his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry in June of 1985.

Robert went on to work as a Senior Research Associate at both Iowa State University and then at Stanford University where, in conjunction with the school of Medicine and Pharmacology, he became involved with the development of MRI technologies, an emerging field in the late 80’s.

After working for a MRI Manufacturer for a few years, Robert started a company named Magnetic Resonance Plus, Inc. in 1989. MRP provided fee for service agreements that provided maintenance, upgrades and repair of various lines of MRI Equipment. MRP was very successful and Robert headed it as CEO for a full 10 years. If you would like more information about MRP, Inc. we have included it on the link here.

Subsequent to MRP, Robert went to work for a series of semiconductor manufacturers, the first of which was Cirrus Logic, Inc. in Fremont, CA. Cirrus Logic made chips for graphic cards as well as the internal workings of Hard Disk Drives (“HDD”) used in personal computers around the world. Robert was Director of Program management for Cirrus Logic’s HDD Division and as such was also the Customer Liaison for the companies that purchased its HDD chipsets. Working with firms such as Western Digital, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Seagate, etc. and reporting directly to the GM, Robert honed his skills at managing large enterprise level new product development by coordinating the entire HDD Division to achieve on-time, on-budget development goals.

Robert went on to work for Micron in Boise, ID as Director of R&D Program Management. After leaving Micron, Robert began consulting until he began product development of an idea he had and thus founded his current venture, Next Generation Medical Systems in October of 2014, first as a sole proprietorship and then as a Limited Liability Company in April of 2016.

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Shane Dickerson
VP of Engineering

Shane Dickerson Southern California Native, with sure talent, Shane was born a builder. Rather than go straight to college Shane understood experience would be most important in his career path. He threw himself into the field of mechanics beginning with machining and fabrication, later leading him to industrial design. Influencing this decision was his relationship with his Grandfather, a land speed record setter, proving there doesn’t need to be limits to his dreams. The unusual path Shane chose landed him at the forefront of incredible projects where he gained experience in production, industrial design, machine design, while honing his fabrication skills along the way. Prior to signing on as VP of Engineering with Next Generation Medical Systems, he created Slikk Creative Enterprises, a fabrication and design firm in the heart of Los Angeles. This company bridges the gap between small business needs and big business capability. He is always pushing the boundaries while continuously furthering his education. His hard work, creative capabilities, and talented mind are not overseen by anyone who has worked closely with him. The adaptive ability Shane possesses along with his amiable attitude leave no doubt Shane is a cornerstone on any team.