Helping the Disabled

About Us

Company Overview

Next Generation Medical Systems, LLC (“NGMS”) is a California Limited Liability Corporation formed in 2016. Prior to that, NGMS had been run as a sole proprietorship until the beginning of development of the second revision of our flagship product.

NGMS is located in Los Angeles and is focused on new product development of equipment to aid individuals in overcoming their physical limitations imposed upon them by war, accident, disease or old age. By combining innovation, technology and a Paraplegic’s engineering perspective to overcoming such limitations, we enable people to remain living independently without having to depend on assistance from others such as caregivers, family and friends.

By allowing them to live independently longer, we prevent them from being a burden to family and friends as well as keep them from being forced to reside in a convalescent home or similar environment. Next Generation Medical Systems is also dedicated to giving back to the community as well as the world beyond. We currently support charities whose focus is Veterans, the Disabled, the homeless and the poor such as Disabled America Veterans, The Wounded Warrior Project, World Vision and World Impact.